About Turbosoft

Terminal Emulator Software

Turbosoft offers a number of terminal emulator solutions for host connectivity.

TTWin - our premier Windows® based terminal emulation software. Feature rich with support for over 80 different terminals including 3270, 5250, Stratus terminals, VT series, Wyse, HP terminals and many more. Numerous communications protocols supported.

TTWin Integrator - Turbosoft's OEM solution for developers, TTWin integrator is the world's most comprehensive OCX component terminal emulation tool kit.

TTerm for iPad - terminal emulator for iPad, TTerm offers enterprise grade terminal emulation for your device with wide terminal coverage, multi-session capability and a variety of other features designed to enhance terminal emulation on your device.

TTWeb - Turbosoft's web to host connectivity solution. TTWeb has all of the power of Turbosoft's popular terminal emulation solution TTWin with the added benefit of automating the deployment and management of software.

TTWin CE - Turbosoft host connectivity solution developed specifically for Windows powered mobile phones, hand held and Windows CE® based terminals. Supporting over 80 different terminals.

Free, fully functional trial software versions are available for download from www.ttwin.com.

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